WELOV Humidifier H500 PRO

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Top Features

Smart Control Anywhere: Remote control via app/voice (Alexa/Google). Auto Mode for ideal humidity, better environment.

BoostMist Tech: 2.4MHz Atomizer, High-wind Fan - 550ml/h mist, 20% humidity boost in 10 mins. Instantly enjoy fresh, moist air.

Quiet 90hrs Operation: 6L tank, filter-free, covers large areas silently for 10 nights. No leaks, no-wet tables—easy-clean humidification.

Nightlight & Timer: Baby-friendly humidifier with adjustable nightlight. Set 1-12hr timer for automated on/off—ideal for bedrooms and plants.

Premium Healthier Air: Ditch cheap humidifiers. Longer lifespan, cleaner mist, relief from dry skin. Elevate family health with our air vaporizer.

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moist large room

Fast Humidification Featuring the Market's Highest Mist Output

The WELOV H500 Pro BoostMist sets itself apart with a 25% larger atomization plate and fan compared to industry standards. This innovation results in an impressive cool mist output of up to 550ml per hour, ensuring your living space remains comfortably humidified. In just 10 minutes, this humidifier elevates humidity levels by 20%, creating a refreshing and moisture-rich atmosphere.

humidification plan

Smart Humidity Control and Energy Saving

WELOV H500 Pro BoostMist Cool Mist Humidifier – your key to a harmoniously balanced living space! Stay in control with dynamic 5-minute humidity updates via the AiDot App, offering real-time insights for optimal comfort. Combat excess moisture, ensuring an environment that nurtures your well-being.

welov h500 pro plant care

Simplified Plant Care with the AiDot Ecosystem

Elevate your plant parenting game with the WELOV H500 Pro BoostMist Cool Mist Humidifier featuring AiDot's innovative Plant Care feature. Bid farewell to gardening guesswork as this smart humidifier takes the hassle out of home plant care. Tailored reminders keep you on track with personalized instructions for watering, misting, fertilizing, and maintaining optimal humidity levels for each plant.

welov h500 pro sleep mode

Serene Sleep-enhancing Features

Experience tranquility with the WELOV H500 Pro BoostMist Cool Mist Humidifier – your perfect sleep companion. This innovative humidifier enhances your sleep sanctuary with an adjustable nightlight, casting a soothing glow ideal for nurseries and bedrooms. Crafted with light sleepers in mind, the Sleep Mode Serenity ensures a near-silent operation at only 22 dB, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and peaceful night's rest.

voice control
panel control
APP Connect
Voice Control
Panel Control
APP Connect
H500 RPO
Tank Capacity
6L/ 1.6Gallon
6L/ 1.6Gallon
6L/ 1.6Gallon
MAX Runtime
90 hours
90 hours
90 hours
MAX Mist Output
Control Method
APP, Voice, Touch
Touch, Knob
Humidity Sensor

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