WELOV Matter P200 Pro Smart Air Purifier

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Top Features

  • Effortless Operation & Personalization: Control your WELOV Matter-certified P200 Pro air purifier with a simple tap or voice command through Alexa, Homepod, or Google Nest Hub. Enjoy easy on/off, fan adjustment, and integration with your smart ecosystem for scheduling and automation.
  • Efficient Home Purification: WELOV Matter P200 Pro air purifier, with its proven CADR, purifies a 315 ft² room in 12 minutes and a 1570 ft² area in an hour, all while being Energy Star certified for eco-friendly operation.
  • Quiet Night, Healthier Sleep: Sleep peacefully with WELOV Matter P200 Pro's Sleep Mode and Apple Health integration for a quiet, dim setting tailored to your rest patterns.
  • Precise Air Insights: Stay informed with the WELOV Matter P200 Pro's real-time pollution detection and environmental alerts, ensuring optimal air purification and a healthier indoor space.
  • Intelligent Filter Maintenance Alerts: With Matter 1.2, receive timely filter replacement reminders across your smart home ecosystem, maintaining air quality and extending filter life.
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wildfire alert
pollen alert
air quality sensor
energy insight
Wildfire Alert
Pollen Alert
Air Quality Sensor
Energy Insight

sleep mode with apple health

Sleep Mode with Apple Health

Research shows air purifiers, favored at night by allergy sufferers and kids, are often placed near beds for quietness. WELOV Matter P200 Pro meets these needs with Sleep Mode, syncing with Apple Health. It adjusts settings to match sleep patterns, ensuring a serene, personalized atmosphere.

filter alert

More User-Friendly Filter Alert

Matter 1.2 goes beyond its device to remind about filter replacements, integrating with your smart home. This system safeguards health by preventing issues from dirty filters, prolonging their life, and ensuring a steady flow of fresh air.

  • Brand
  • Floor Area
    1570 square feet
  • Control Method
    Application, Voice, Touch
  • Power Source
  • Noise Level
    23 decibels
  • Filter Type
    H13 HEPA & Activated Carbon Filter
  • Particle Retention Size
    0.1 micron

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